Rib Roast

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No worries! We can walk you through the process over the phone, text or email. It can be overwhelming at first look but once you go through the process once it is actually very easy! We are happy to help you with any questions and provide guidance. 
Consider keeping your first order simple! What cuts do you use the most? After the cuts have been set aside (steaks, roasts) along with any hot dog or sausage orders etc., the rest is made into ground meat. We find having patties made instead of bulk ground beef packages proves to be easier to thaw and use! Remember, you can always change it up on the next order!

First time?

When processing the short loin section of a cow it can be cut into filet mignon & strip steak -OR- T-bone steaks. Due to the process, T-bone steaks are only available for half or whole beef orders, all others will receive filet mignon & strip steaks.

are t-bone steaks available?

In response to the form you fill out we will send you an invoice for a deposit. The deposit is $100/quarter of beef. Once we receive your deposit AND your completed processor cut sheet we are able to reserve your beef and date. Timing is then first come first.

How do I reserve my cow & Date?

  1. Fill out the form on the contact page of the website
  2. We will respond back with cost, a processor cut sheet (and processor cost), and estimated timing and deposit invoice. 
  3. Once the deposit and a completed cut sheet/processor form is sent in we can reserve your date and beef. 
  4. After the beef is processed we will send a final invoice with your total balance (cost is based on per pound of hanging weight provided by the processor) minus the deposit and confirm pickup/delivery date.
  5. The processing fee will then be paid to the processor. 
  6. Receive your beef vacuum sealed and frozen as specified on your cut sheet!

what is the process?

We find typically a small chest freezer will hold a quarter cow and a little more! A large upright freezer typically will hold a half cow with space to spare.

How Much freezer space is needed?

$3.75 per pound (hanging weight) plus the cost of processing.

How Much does it cost?


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